The Polish Triangle

Boston, 1970.

The war is raging in Vietnam, and there is turmoil across American cities. After a cop is killed during a bank robbery, the investigation becomes personal for Detective Jody Brae. Not only did he know the officer, but the FBI agent assigned to the case is a childhood friend.

With the public clamoring for an arrest, the suspects are quickly identified. But Brae finds the evidence a little too convenient and starts to have doubts. Faced with an incompetent captain and an administration that won’t listen, he goes at it alone, soon discovering that the motive behind the robbery is far more brazen than anyone expected.

To convince the department of the truth, Brae is forced to choose between personal loyalty and professional integrity. But with the real culprits preparing to flee, will he have time?


I grew up in Boston and attended public schools. After a brief career as a bicycle messenger, I graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in English Literature (1995). During my twenties, I wrote two unpublished novels, taught high-school in Ireland, lived in Mexico, worked as a prison librarian, and spent a month in Kenya, Africa before finally settling down three blocks from where I grew up.

I currently live in Boston (West Roxbury) with my wife Heidi and daughter Maeve.

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